OSU takes break from CWS to visit hospital patients

Posted at 10:44 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 00:06:35-04

Fresh off Monday's win against Arizona, OSU stepped off the field and into Children's Hospital and Medical Center to visit patients undergoing treatment. 

The team spent the afternoon going from room to room signing autographs, taking pictures, and playing the Wii and cards with patients. 

Coach Josh Holliday says this visit was something the entire team was excited for.

"This is something we were actually looking forward to doing So I think the players will always remember this," says Holliday. 

Sophomore Garrett McCain says he feels fortunate to have been able to meet the patients and get to spend quality time with them. 

"Getting to talk to them and learning about them and their families - it was great. So great. We had so much in common. We talked about the NBA finals, baseball and a lot of the same stuff we talk on the bus and in the locker room," says McCain. 

Catcher Collin Theroux says he thinks today's visit meant as much to the patients as it did to the team.

"It''s fun for us. I know it's made an impact on them, but it's cool for us too to be able to give back. It also puts things in perspective. It keeps you humble," says Theroux. "Those kids would love to be out playing right now but they have to be here getting their treatments." 

Holliday says the hospital visit was the most enjoyable thing they've done as a team since they've arrived in Omaha.

"Seeing what these kids go through  - we just try and bring a smile to them and listen to them. It makes you realize how lucky you are to have your health and how lucky you are to do what you love," says Holliday. 

The team hopes they've gained a couple more special local fans and are hoping some of the patients will go cheer them on for game 11 on Friday.