Arizona makes music video at College World Series

Arizona Wildcats take a different stage in Omaha
Posted at 5:32 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 18:32:42-04

Whether Arizona can escape the loser’s bracket and win the College World Series is to-be-determined.

But the Wildcats are putting in a strong case for quirkiest team in Omaha this year.

On their off day Sunday, several Arizona players took the field in full uniform early in the morning, but they were not there to take extra swings or perfect their glove work.

Instead, the trio of Wildcats — Robby Medel, Tyler Crawford and Michael Hoard — joined plain-clothed Arizona reserve Sawyer Gieseke to film a music video at home plate of TD Ameritrade Park.

The group worked with ESPN to film a cover video of the O.A.R. (Of a Revolution) song “This Town.”

Take a look at the final product.

The group calls itself “Bear Down Revolution,” according to and visited several spots in Omaha to complete the video. Here’s a look at the behind-the-scenes effort. 

But Arizona’s quirkiness is not limited to the team’s musical ventures. The Wildcats conducted a full interview of the team’s latest mascot, Spider-Man, while the team endured a rain delay before Monday’s loss to Oklahoma State.

The team also at one point credited a box of Cheez-Its for a victory.