Blatt Beer & Table provides nightlife for CWS fans after games

Posted at 7:09 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 20:09:25-04

The College World Series is not just known for the great action on the field and the dramatic finishes. The atmosphere plays as big of a role as anything in making the CWS the place to be in Omaha.

One of the additions to the North downtown stadium experience is the Blatt Beer & Table. It provides fans a chance to enjoy cold drinks, great food, but also a chance to be right next to the action.

“I think that people just experience a lot of excitement, a lot of fun and a lot of the baseball atmosphere because we’re so close to the stadium,” Blatt general manager Larissa Ramos said. “You know they just get right in on the action, they don’t have to go anywhere. Everybody is really ramped up and really excited so you feel that one hundred percent when you’re at Blatt.”

During games, plenty of fans will enjoy the unique rooftop setting and the other amenities that allow fans to experience the atmosphere.

“Not only proximity, but what we have to offer,” Ramos said. “We offer a fun atmosphere, we have great products here to offer to guests.”

Venues such as the Blatt Beer & Table rely on consistent traffic during the two week frenzy of the College World Series to generate a good portion of its yearly revenue.

“In two weeks we make a lot of our money that helps us throughout the rest of the year,” Ramos said.

The other unique element of the Blatt is its connection with Zestos and bringing a longstanding CWS tradition over to the new setup. But would there be a dropoff in momentum at the new location? Not so much.

“I don’t think there was a drop at all,” Ramos said. “ I think that Zestos has always been a tradition, and people see that sign and they automatically want the ice cream. So we have a line literally for two weeks around the block waiting for ice cream.”

With so many fans in one place, security is always a high priority as efforts double during the two weeks.

“We absolutely want everybody to be safe,” Ramos said. “We ramp up security throughout the whole event. We have security guards upstairs and downstairs. We watch alcohol service and we really want everybody to have a great time but we also want people to be safe.”

It’s not just during the games, but the nightlife at the Blatt provides the post game club setting with DJs spinning to packed houses, but these are no amateurs.

“The DJs that play here do like two to four gigs a week around Omaha at a lot of the nightclubs,” local DJ Brent Crampton said. “When I book this, they’re hitting me up months in advance saying ‘can I get in, can I get in, can I get in’, and they tell me that this is one of their favorite gigs of the year.”

CWS traditions such as tailgating, fireworks, bleacher seats, the Road to Omaha statue, and everything else people have appreciated and expected during the CWS, the Blatt Beer and Table continues to be a north downtown CWS mainstay that will continue to be one of the top destinations in June.