Businesses felt the heat in opening weekend of College World Series

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jun 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-20 19:01:38-04

Thousands of people showed up for opening weekend of the College World Series, and the temperatures approached the 100 degree mark.

“Friday and Saturday were great; Sunday was a little hot, a little slower,” said Brand Director for Blatt Beer and Table, Devin Jacobson.

He said they were busy all weekend, but the heat did seem to affect some of the crowd.

“I think so, just looking on TV it just didn't seem like there were any many people in the seats as normal, but I am hoping with the cooler weather everybody starts to get excited about catching a couple games,” said Jacobson.

Vendors in Baseball Village also agreed the heat was keeping people from shopping.

“I think from last year there were fewer people walking around and I think the heat had a big part to play in that, almost 100 degrees every day, but even with that it was still a very good weekend,” said Adam Jeup who works in the NCAA tent.

Jacobson said the cooler weather on Monday was a nice relief and they were busy all afternoon.

“UC Santa Barbara has actually brought a ton of people which kinds of caught us a little of guard, but they are awesome, it's been a pleasure to have them.”

And for fans, the easy access to bars and shopping has made their College World Series experience fun despite the heat.
“I texted friends that are here and said we got a table at the rail at Blatt, we are good for the afternoon and at 6 we will move across the street,” said OSU fan Marilyn Carson.

“I have been to Super bowls, I have been to World Series, I have been to a lot of horse races, this is one of the greatest sporting events in the history of mankind, we will come back every year with or without the Gauchos,” said UCSB fan Steve Bastasini.