Coastal Carolina fans in awe with CWS experience

Posted at 11:22 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 00:22:36-04

The team that slid into Omaha with no prior CWS experience is flying home with the trophy as national champions.

Coastal Carolina fans are also starting to make their way home but say they're leaving town extremely proud and with much excitement. 

"First time ever here and they win the title. I mean, what more could you ask for?" says Craig Pelletier. 

Fans rushed to CCU's dugout after the game to celebrate their CWS champions. 

"They're so deserving. I mean Omaha adopted them in as their team favorite and I'm just so happy," says Rachael Parrett.

Coastal Carolina fans have poured in the last two weeks with a strong presence during the finals.  

"I've heard so many stories about traveling all over this country to get here, delayed flights, canceled flights, weather - they showed up though," says one fan. 

CCU - first announced as the 'Cinderella team' proved they're no longer the underdog, but some fans believe they played a small role in their championship victory. 

Pitcher Bobby Holmes' mom says her eating wings at Ray's Wings before each game was the team's lucky open.

"I'm very very superstitious so me going to get the wings was what did it," says Katie Holmes.

The two times she didn't eat there before a game, the team lost.

Holmes was worried when they postponed the game that she wouldn't be able to eat her wings before the final game, but friends from Georgia contacted the owner and asked him to open early just for her. 

"They let me in at 10:30 before the bar or restaurant opened just so I could eat wings. It's a lucky place," says Holmes.

Her son appreciated the support. 

"To get the wings cause she believed in her mojo - you know if she thinks that's what helped then so be it. I'm so glad she did it," says pitcher Bobby Holmes. 

Fans say they hope to come back next year, hopefully to relive this year's experience. 

"This was never on a bucket list for me to do but I've told all my friends, if you ever get a chance, go to Omaha for just one game, and experience the atmosphere because it's an unbelievable town, great downtown area to go out and hang out and the people here are just amazing," says Brad Howard.