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College World Series fans changing plans to stay in town to support their teams

Posted at 6:04 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 07:50:34-04

Rain delays have kept College World Series fans sticking around Omaha for more days than they originally planned. But rain or shine they don’t seem to mind.


The first game in the final takes place on Tuesday as Oregon State takes on Arkansas. Most fans say no matter how long it takes they are here to support their team.


Tuesday is the first of three games in the College World Series final and fans are still in town even after the bad weather. “We had to extend the hotel room a day and stuff like that but other than that we are just ready for some baseball,” said Justin Jacobs, an Arkansas fan.


With game one being delayed fans have been changing their plans to stay for their team.


“We’ve had to make some different arrangements, we’ve had to extend our hotel stay and we’re making some arrangements to get back home but we plan to stick it out and stay for the duration,” said Jacqueline Cummings, an Arkansas fan.


“We had to get an extra night stay at the hotel but ya know it’s just money,” said Arlen Gourley, another Razorback fan added. 


Some fans say they will keep changing their plans to see their team through until the end.


“Unfortunately, yes, if it means jobs breaking ya know whatever happens happens we are gonna have to do it because hey it’s Arkansas baseball we’re gonna win or first national championship,” said Burt Fields, an Arkansas fan.


And hotels say they will accommodate those guests any way they can.


“A lot of times we like the college world series just have to go hour by hour some of these guests are waiting to see if they have to buy plane tickets one,” said Kristen Blattert, director of sales for Embassy Suites Omaha.  “I haven’t encountered anyone who hasn’t been excited that they had to stay an additional day."


While some fans said they had to keep their original plans and get back home all they care about in the end is their team winning.