OSI College World Series


College World Series game one played in extreme heat

Posted at 10:15 PM, Jun 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-16 23:15:01-04

Temperatures are inching closer to triple digits, just as Omaha takes center stage of the college sports world.   

As the sun shined down on TD Ameritrade Park, fans were finding ways to keep cool. "Find a little shade a little water you're good to go,” said Zane Martin, a Texas Longhorn fan who has attended the College World Series for five years. Fans who come year after year know what to expect, but for those coming for the first time, preparation is key. "It's really hot but I mean we expected it, we were checking the forecast a week in advance and it was 100 degrees so we kinda braced for it,” said John Merry.

John Merry is celebrating his bachelor party at the College World Series and says it may not be like the traditional celebrations. "Most bachelor parties you might not see a lot of these but making sure that everyone is well hydrated hats the biggest thing I think,” said Merry.

But any veteran knows there are a lot of tricks for beating the heat. "Pack a lot of water, maybe bring a towel or two and wet it down, like we always bring at least one frozen towel,” said Martin.

For those outside the stadium there is a tent to keep every fan cool. But what's inside the tent is even more unique. "We have a hot tub full of ice cold water so people love sitting around that, kicking off their sandals,” said Stacy Leners, the VP of Blur Parties. The tent also has misting fans around the entire thing to cool down anyone looking for shade.

Whether fans are inside or outside the stadium one thing is for sure...the heat isn't keeping them away. "Nothing's keeping us away we're loving it, the heat’s great and everyone is having a good time,” said Tom Erhart, a fan tailgating at the College World Series for the 10th year in a row. Sunday’s games start around 2 P.M. with Arkansas and Texas as the first teams to hit the diamond.