Fans show support for Omaha Police at College World Series

Posted at 9:13 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 22:13:09-04

Sporting events are an opportunity to bring people together, and the College World Series is no different. The Omaha Police Department sees the College World Series as an opportunity to spread their message to the community.

Omaha PD has set up shop in the Diamond Room inside Baseball Village, which is located across from the Old Mattress Factory. The booth includes t shirts for sale with messages like “Support Blue” and “Kerrie On” in remembrance of fallen officer Kerrie Orozco.

Lieutenant Darci Tierney said the College World Series is a perfect opportunity for the police department to meet members of the Omaha community, as well as people from other communities.

“We’re super happy to be at the College World Series,” Tierney said. “We have a great audience here, tons of fun people walking by, and it’s a way for us to get our support blue message out to everyone all across the country.”

Tierney said she understands citizens may not see the police unless something is wrong, but that this is a way for the police to connect with citizens in a positive manner.

“Any chance we get to connect with the community is just amazing,” Tierney said. “A lot of times they see us on their worst days, and it’s nice when we can interact with them in a really positive atmosphere and make some friends.”


Mike Hagerty is in town for this year’s College World Series with his business Picture Catcher Bat. Hagerty’s table is set up directly across from the Omaha Police Department table. After hearing about the tragic incident with fallen officer Kerrie Orozco, he decided to donate a bat with a picture of “#KerrieOn” attached to it.

Hagerty and his family were in Boston during the Boston Marathon bombings. They saw how important the local police department is to the community first hand during the lockdown after the bombings.

“It’s really important for people from Omaha, as well as all over the country to support the local officers,” Hagerty said. “Being from Boston, after what we went through with the bombing at the Boston Marathon, the police officers responded fabulously, and it’s been great to have them.”

Lieutenant Tierney encourages people to interact with the police at the College World Series, and to stop by the Diamond Room to see what they have to offer.

“We love talking to people,” Tierney said. “If you see an officer out there doing traffic control, give them a shout out and say hi. We love talking to people so stop by our booth and say hi, and buy a t shirt.”

The Omaha Police Department is very active on social media. Follow @OmahaPolice on Twitter for giveaways such as the “Shirt Off Our Rack” contest. Today’s giveaway gave fans a chance to win a free t shirt by taking a selfie with “Horses of Honor” and tweeting it at the hashtag #OPDatCWS.

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