Meet "superhero Micah" the little boy who inspires the TCU baseball team

Posted at 7:08 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-21 21:39:16-04

“Never ever give up, go frogs,” said seven-year-old Micah Ahern.

It’s a powerful message from a pint-sized superhero.

“I've never seen someone take over a room with the kind of the presence he has and he is like seven years old right,” said TCU Catcher Evan Skoug.

Texas native Micah Ahern has never played a single out for the TCU baseball team, but is the team’s unanimous MVP.

“He is the number one reason why we play, he is our motivator,” said TCU shortstop Ryan Merrill.

It’s a bond between a boy and his beloved baseball team like no other.

TCU head baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle says throughout Micah’s fight with a rare form of childhood cancer, he continues to stay positive and has taught the TCU baseball team how to fight through adversity.

“I love sharing all the time I get with him and when I heard the news, it was just heartbreaking,” said Skoug.

TCU Catcher Evan Skoug says recently Micah went through an experimental treatment that didn’t work.  Micah’s family says he is now out of treatment options.  He missed the team’s super regional game, but the team let Micah know he was with them in spirit.

“Micah we love and miss you and we did it for you.  You're our superhero and we are never ever going to give up and neither should you.  We love and miss you buddy,” said Skoug in a cell phone video to the little boy.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, Micah and his mom Linda made the trip to Omaha.

Despite a little bit of pain earlier in the day, On Tuesday night Micah was exactly where he needed to be.

“We are at the point where we are just living life.  He is in Hospice now and so it’s definitely different being here.  This is an amazing opportunity to do something he has never done before,” said Linda Ahern, Micah’s mom.

Linda says her family can’t thank coach and the players enough for everything they’ve done.  A trip to the College World Series is a dream come true.

“Just to see him living, even though this isn’t normal, just to see him living a normal life and being out of the hospital and being here in Omaha and being able to see his teammates and feel connection with them and to be able to cheer them on tonight, well it’s the best gift any mother can have,” said Ahern.

During the season Micah watched the TCU games from the dugout.  On Tuesday the little boy will be out of the heat and cool in a TD Ameritrade Suite cheering on his beloved horned frogs.