Smells Like Team Spirits: Local bar holds competition for "team shots"

Posted at 4:49 PM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-20 17:49:59-04

The College World Series is all about competition, so it's no surprise that Goodnight's Pizza has made one out of drinking with the "College World Shot Series".

Here's how it works: Each team has a specific shot tailored to their school. Each time someone orders a team shot, it gets added to the scoreboard.

"We try to make it geographical," Goodnight's Assistant Manager Patrick McEvoy. "We know some schools like whiskey more than they like vodka or rum, so we try to tailor them."

Now, the shots aren't just straight hard alcohol. They're all infused with some sort of mixer like soda, cranberry juice etc. which makes them much smoother going down.

"We want something easy to take, but also something really fun to take," McEvoy said.

Goodnight's keeps a running tally of each team shot that is sold in order to see which fan base has taken the most shots. 

As you can imagine, the competition gets pretty heated. McEvoy recalls one specific year when Ole Miss and Texas Tech fans were battling it out for first place. At the time, Ole Miss had sold 101 shots and the Red Raiders had sold 98.

"It was funny because one of the girls from Ole Miss legitimately left me her credit card," McEvoy said. "They just kept going back and forth, and she said 'whatever we're behind when this thing starts, you buy that many and you run it. We want to be winning by the time the first pitch gets thrown'."

Ole Miss set the record that year with 604 shots sold. 

As of today, the two teams leading the competition aren't even in the field this year. Texas Tech leads the way with 129, while Oklahoma State trails behind with 115. 

Here's the full leaderboard for the College World Shot Series:

Texas Tech: 129

Oklahoma State: 115

Texas A&M: 111

LSU: 94

Oregon State: 90

TCU: 82

Florida State: 55

Florida: 41

Louisville: 33

Cal State Fullerton: 27