TCU is playing for sick kids here in Omaha and a special seven-year-old back home

Posted at 4:34 PM, Jun 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-20 23:18:37-04

Fresh off a win against their instate rivals, On Monday morning the TCU baseball team had a humbling experience at Children’s Hospital in Omaha. 

“It's great to win and it’d be awesome to win the College World Series.  But, at the end of the day it's a baseball tournament and they need perspective on what life is beyond the baseball field,” said TCU Jim Coach Schlossnagle.

The team went room to room brightening the day of dozens of children who can’t make it to the ballpark. 

“So I knew that Mary would love to have all these nice looking men come into her room, I mean she is a 13-year-old girl,” said Laurie Eyth.

Thirteen-year-old Mary Eyth had a hard time telling the boys bye. 

“You want them to stay,” asked Laurie Eyth.
“Oh yeah,” said Mary Eyth. 

“When you do something that makes her happy and she didn't want you to leave, well that was the best part,” said TCU Catcher Evan Skoug.

Not only is the team playing for these kids in Omaha, but they’re playing for someone special back home.

“Never ever give up.  Go frogs,” said seven-year-old Micah Ahern.

Seven-year-old Micah Ahern helped pave the road to Omaha for the horned frogs. 

“He's our superhero, he's why we play, he's a teammate to us,” said TCU player Ryan Merrill. 

Coach Schlossnagle says about three years ago his team adopted the little boy.

“Micah gets to feel normal when he is around us and he doesn't get to feel normal very much,” said Coach Schlossnagle.

Micah’s strength throughout his cancer battle is an inspiration to the squad.  He has his own locker and free reign of TCU’s dugout. 

Recently the team made t-shirts in Micah’s honor and when he couldn’t make it to their super regional game, the boys let him know he was with them in spirit. 

“We're going to sing the alma mater for you buddy, we love you we miss you,” said the team in a video to Micah. 

“Whether it's a Tuesday night game in February or the College World Series, we are always playing for him,” said Schlossnagle.