Temps rise as CWS action heats up

Posted at 10:33 PM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 23:33:12-04
The oppressive heat is setting in, just as the cream is rising to the top at the College World Series. 
For fans, especially those in the outfield bleachers, with the sun beating down on them, its downright unbearable. Reporter Maya Saenz has how fans are coping.
Tonight was hot to say the least. There was a slight breeze that helped a little but for people in the sun all day, they found creative ways to stay cool.
"The heat, yeah it's hot."
Tonight's game was - hot. "It's hot but doable. Especially if you come to the shade for a bit. The stands are pretty warm but just keep hydrated."
"I've been coming to CWS every year since 1989 - I'm from Louisiana and this is by the far the hottest it's ever been."
Baseball fans endured the hot temperatures to watch LSU and Florida State in an elimination game of the College World Series."This is what you call a hot box. Too bad we're not playing some team from up north, we're playing a team from Florida so we're both used to the heat."
Tonight's hot temperature marks in the upper nineties. But my temperature marker reads these bleachers at 117 degrees.
And while others may not mind the heat.. "Well in Redding, California it's 110 degrees about now so this feels cool. This is nothing." Others were sure to take extra precautions to protect themselves from the heat and sun. "We'll be getting up and around to cool off - but otherwise, we'll be in the stands try to catch some balls, but with sunscreen of course!"
There are free places to refill empty water bottles at TD Ameritrade Park so guests can bring an empty water bottle and fill it in during the game to stay hydrated.