Husker season ends with loss to Western Carolina

Posted at 4:54 PM, Jun 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-04 17:54:42-04

When things aren't going your way, sometimes it can feel as if time moves at a sloth's pace. That was how the Husker baseball team's loss to Western Carolina felt.

The game which saw two weather delays, totaling over two hours in length, seemed like an eternity as the Husker baseball season came to an end Saturday afternoon. The Huskers only totaled five hits, but drew eight walks in the 4-1 loss to Western Carolina. The bases were loaded in the first and second innings, but the Husker offense grounded into five double plays eliminating nearly every threat they established. They only mustered one run in 18 innings of regional play.

An odd game of stops and starts was a microcosm of the Husker baseball season, filled with hot and cold stretches. The Huskers who were red hot leading up to conference tournament play, went two and out, then looked to turn it around with an at-large bid in regionals, which also ended in a two and out.

Nebraska's pitching gave a valiant effort, but after the delays, made a couple mistakes in the eighth inning, leading to the 4-1 loss. 

With the Huskers eliminated from NCAA regional play, they finish the season with a 37-22 record.