Examining new Nebraska AD Bill Moos' contract

New AD will make in excess of $1 million per year
Posted at 1:56 PM, Oct 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 16:07:58-04 has obtainted a copy of new Nebraska AD Bill Moos' contract. 

Here's a few things that stand out. 

Base Compensation

Moos will make a base salary of $1,000,000 per year through the end of the 2018 calendar year, paid in 12 equal monthly installments. After 2018, his salary will increase by $50,000 per year, as such: 

2019: $1,050,000

2020: $1,100,000

2021: $1,150,000

2022: $1,200,000

Moos will reimbursed by the University for actual and reasonable moving expenses in connection with relocating to Lincoln. He will also be reimbursed for reasonable travel and business expenses related to his job as AD. 

As an additional perk, because of the role she plays in the "social and professional life of the University and Athletics," Moos' spouse will be receive travel costs to select events, up to $50,000 per year. Spouse travel will be covered by the University of Nebraska Foundation funds, or other "non-state" funds. 

Travel to alumni events may be paid for by the alumni association or foundation, at their discretion. 

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Deferred Compensation Agreement

This is essentially a "retention" bonus set up through the University of Nebraska Foundation. 

If Moos remains employed at Nebraska through December 31, 2022 (the "vesting date"), he will receive a payment of $1,250,000 from the Foundation. 

In the event of death, permanent disability, or termination for reasons other than "cause," he would be paid a fraction of that amount: Total # of months employed / 62 (total vesting length). 

If Moos resigns, seeks employment elsewhere, or is terminated "with cause," he won't receive this compensation. 

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Prospective New Employment / Resignation Buyout

In order for Moos to discuss new employment, he must first notify the chancellor. Should he take another job or resign, he would owe the university the following amounts (by resignation date)

Prior to end of 2018: $2,000,000

2019: $1,500,000

2020: $1,000,000

2021: $500,000

2022: $0


As with most contracts, if fired "with cause," Moos will be owed nothing. 

If he is terminated for any reason other than cause, Moos will be owed $83,333 multiplied by the number of months remaining on his deal (which expires at midnight on December 31, 2022). 

The contract does contain "offset" language - so if Moos takes another job, the University's termination payments would potentially decrease. 

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Here's the fun stuff. Each year, Moos will have the opportunity to earn a "target performance bonus" of up to $500,000 (gross), based on academic and athletic performance. It breaks down like this:

Academic Performance Bonus - $125,000 per year

A) If the department wide 2-year APR score meets or exceeds 970, Moos receives 100% of the bonus ($125k)

B) If the department wide 2-year APR score meets or exceeds 985, Moss receives 110% of the bonus ($137.5k)

Overall Athletic Performance Bonus - $125,000 per year

A) If athletics is ranked #30 or higher in the Directors' Cup standings, Moos receives 80% ($100k)

B) #25 or higher - 90% ($112.5k)

C) #20 or higher - 100% ($125k)

D) #15 or higher - 110% ($137.5k)

Both of the above bonuses are contingent upon every men's and women's Division I team at Nebraska meeting the NCAA minimum APR - which is currently 930 - in order to compete in NCAA Championships.

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Football Performance Bonus

Here's where football takes center stage: 

A) If Nebraska football wins the Big Ten Championship: $100,000; AND

B) If Nebraska football wins the College Football Playoff: $150,000