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Nebraska football: Scott Frost speaks on QB development, team toughness and more

Posted at 12:21 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 13:21:49-04

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost is spoke to the media following the Huskers fall practice Friday morning. Frost touched on the development of his quarterbacks so far this fall.

"I'd like to see them farther ahead right now than what they are," Frost said. "I think at the end of spring they were doing a really good job, and it seemed like they got it. We didn't quite pick up there where we left off."

Frost noted that the quarterbacks need to be quicker with their decision making, but that it will come with time. 

"Everything's just got to operate faster for them," Frost said. "That will come when they're familiar enough with the offense that it clicks in their mind faster."

Much has been made about the new and improved physicality of the team with Strength Coach Zach Duvall's presence. However, Frost said being physically tough is one thing, but he wants a team of mentally tough players as well.

"I got the impression that last year when things got tough, the team kind of shut it down and quit," Frost said. "They tell me the same thing. I don't want guys that'll quit. I want guys that when things get hard, they're going to push through and be even better in those situations."

To hear more of what Frost said after practice today, watch the video below.