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Nebraska football spring practice report: April 7

Nebraska football spring practice report: April 7
Posted at 3:21 PM, Apr 07, 2018

The Nebraska football team practiced for a little more than two hours in the Hawks Championship Center Saturday morning in full pads. Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters spoke to the media following the Huskers practice.

Walters said he expects this year's offense to be very physical despite the uptempo approach.

“They’re doing a good job,” Walters said. “Any time you think tempo or spread offense, you think of soft, but we are going to be physical. It all starts upfront. Those guys understand that we can play fast, that’s to our advantage. If we can get lined up and the defensive line is not set, then we come off the ball and establish the line of scrimmage. So they’re doing a great job, we are throwing a lot at them. Defense is throwing a lot at us. The combination of both sometimes doesn’t look as good as it needs to be, but the guys are learning and they’re all in. We’re going to keep getting better.”

The Huskers new offensive coordinator also touched on the progress of the offense's installation of the playbook.

“It’s a process and we have majority of our playbook in,” Walters said. “The guys have a grasp of what we are trying to do. They’re doing a good job of picking it all up, understanding what we are asking of them. There is lot we can do within our offense in terms of different formations, motions and the tempos. They have most of the offense in, we just have to detail everything.”

A lot has been made about the team's new practice structure, where each player is constantly involved and everyone sees an equal amount of reps. Walters stressed the importance of practicing fast with the limited time the team has together during spring practice.

“It’s all about reps and we practice fast,” Walters said. “That’s why a lot of the time we split up into two groups so that everyone is getting reps. We think that you learn by playing and by getting the extra reps. A lot of the details are going to come from getting extra reps and watching film. [We] are making sure we learn from our mistakes. If we do that and get better each practice, we will be where we want to be in the fall.”

Wide receiver Tyjon Lyndsey talked about how playing for Scott Frost is a dream come true. Frost had recruited Lyndsey when he was the offensive coordinator at Oregon, and Lyndsey planned on going there until Frost took the job at UCF.

Defensive lineman Deontre Thomas spoke about the differences between this year and last year, saying that he feels the d-line is tougher this year.

The Huskers will get back to practice Tuesday morning in the Hawks Championship Center.