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Nebraska Scott Frost and Bill Moos top quotes from press conference

Posted at 2:00 PM, Dec 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-03 15:38:23-05

"This is a celebration for the University of Nebraska and for Husker football, certainly a celebration of bringing one of our own home, a favorite son." - Moos

"I believe he was everybody's first choice and I got the pick of the litter, we got the pick of the litter." - Moos 

"My first thought when i walked in was this is unbelievable, my second thought was mot of these guys have been eating too much." - Frost 

"I'm thrilled to be back because I think the time is right for this, and it wasn't always that way. With Hank and Ronnie and Bill I think the leadership is right, I think the time is right, I think the state is hungry for unity." - Frost

"There was a formula that worked here for a long time and times have changed a little but some of those same things are what is going to make this work again." - Frost

"Coach (Osborne) has been a mentor to me my whole life, he definitely played a part in this. What I respect about him the most in this process is I think that if he wouldn't have believed this was the right time or the right place for me he would have told me." - Frost 

"I had a good meeting with the team, I saw a lot of fire in their eyes, I saw a group that was excited, I let them know that there's a lot of hard work to be done, that things are going to change a lot of things are going to change but it's going to be a really fun process - Frost

"I played here, I understand it, I saw the best of this place, I also saw some hard times that maybe other people hadn't, but that's what makes this place great, the passion that these people here have for it." - Frost

"2017 has been one of the best years of my life." - Frost

"I wasn't considered for this job the last time it came open, and I'm glad I wasn't, I didn't get a phone call the lat time this job was open, I'm glad I didn't; the pieces are in place now." - Frost

"I'm looking forward to trying to grow the walk-on program and make it what it was before." - Frost

"From afar it didn't look like the Nebraska that I knew." - Frost  

"Talked to Bill I think the last week of the season or the second to last week of the season for the first time, I didn't make a decision to come here until this past week." - Frost

"I'm glad I made this decision, I'm looking forward to the future." - Frost

"The staff I hired at UCF is a group of men that are unbelievable coaches and have unbelievable character, and if it wasn't that way we wouldn't hae been able to make the turn around we made. A lot of coaches when they get a bigger job, or change from one school to another think they need to go out and hire some different people; the guys that helped us when there can help us when here and I expect the majority of them to join me." - Frost

"I'm hoping the Big Ten has to modify their system for us." - Frost

"Matt (Davison) role was pestering me until I agreed to come here." - Frost

"I can't think of anything more rewarding than turning this program around." - Frost

"At the end of the day this is where I want to be." - Frost


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