Quinn: #NEBvsIND halftime thoughts

Nebraska leads the Hoosiers 17-8
Quinn: #NEBvsIND halftime thoughts
Posted at 4:24 PM, Oct 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-15 17:24:14-04

Some quick thoughts on the Huskers first half performance vs. Indiana. 


(These are mainly in running order of the game, starting with the most recent) 


- First half MVP’s: CB’s Chris Jones and Josh Kalu. A pick six, a pass breakup on a fourth down play, and some great stops in the run game in no-man’s land on the edge that saved TD’s. Can’t play much better than that. The only negative that stands out was an obvious PI penalty by Kalu that didn’t lead to any real damage. 


- This wasn’t Tommy Armstrong’s best half. The completion percentage was way low (5-14), he missed some open receivers, and there were some ugly looking throws along the way. Not sure if the ankle is still a lingering issue or not, but hopefully TA finds a better groove in the second half. 


- Nebraska’s second quarter struggles continued today. After a scorching start for the Huskers, Indiana dominated the second frame. The Hoosiers didn’t make the Huskers pay like they could have - Indiana missed a ton of opportunities to put more points on the board. 


- Ross Dzuris was called for lining up off sides twice. Not jumping off, just lining up in the neutral zone. Kind of a head scratcher after the first one -no need to give Indiana the free yards. 


- The Huskers punt coverage unit was massively overwhelmed on the blocked kick that led to the safety. Four guys came up the middle, and Nebraska only had three blockers to protect Caleb Lightbourne. I’ll bet special teams coordinator Bruce Read will have plenty to say about that one.  


- Ridiculous catch by Brandon Reilly. The Indiana DB had perfect position for an INT (and probably should have picked it off), but credit Reilly for keeping his eyes on the ball and gobbling it up after the defending fumbled it going to the deck. The drive led to the Huskers first TD. 


- Some very good coverage by the Huskers secondary early in the game. Both Aaron Williams and Chris Jones had their men blanketed on Indiana’s opening drive, forcing a turnover on downs. Jones added a pick six, and Nate Gerry had some great tackles as well. 


- It was a productive first drive of the game for Nebraska, capped off by Tommy Armstrong avoiding a sack that led to a field goal. It was nearly one of those vintage “hold your breath broken play throws that ends in a touchdown” moments for the Huskers. A good recovery by the defensive back that was covering Stanley Morgan kept Nebraska out of the end zone - not so much a dropped pass. 


- Some other player-related notes: 

- True freshman DB JoJo Doman had a big hit on kick return coverage. 

- Chris Jones had a pick six, and a really nice pass breakup on fourth down to kill an Indiana drive. 

- Nate Gerry sniffed out a screen pass on a key third down for Indiana that led to a (surprising) punt.