Riley reacts to Williams arrest

Says there will be consequences
Posted at 5:38 PM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-15 19:53:13-04

Husker football coach Keith Williams was arrested in Lincoln on Sunday for his third drunk driving offense.

Lincoln Police said Williams’ blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit when they arrested him after he crashed into another car around 2am.

Coach Riley said he is not ready to say what the consequences will be for Williams, and figuring out how to handle the situation will be a process.

“Like we do everything, we will have an assessment and an evaluation, then you talk about intervention and education, and then there will be consequences which I am not ready to talk about right now,” said Riley as he spoke to the media after Monday’s practice.

Riley said that this is a bad situation and choices like this are ones they talk about with their player all the time.

Williams has two prior arrests for DUI’s dating back to 2002, and Riley said they were aware of those. Williams went through a background check when he was hired and was passed by the University.

“We were knowledgeable of it, regardless of all that, this is an obvious big mistake, serious mistake,” said Riley.

The Lancaster County Attorney’s Office charged Williams with a misdemeanor DUI and careless driving on Monday.

In court, a judge set a $5,000 personal recognizance bond, which means Williams can sign himself out saying he will be back for his next court date.

The Huskers had early morning practice on Monday, and with all the adversity the team has faced off the field, players said they are trying to stay focused on the game.

“It was like a normal day for us, we have things going on, but we are focused on fall camp and let things play out, we have to make sure we stay on the right path,” said senior quarterback Tommy Armstrong. “Being a leader on this team, I just want to do my job and people follow when you do your job and do it right, so I am out here trying to get better.”

“This just gives us a chance to rise above all of it, we will be able to play together and everything we have been through in the off season, and a chance to rally together and do some special things,” said running back Terrell Newby.

Williams will have his next court date on October 24th, until then he cannot drink or drive.