#RIP27: Team continues to remember Sam Foltz

Michigan State's Mike Sadler, Foltz dies in crash
Posted at 12:18 PM, Jul 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-25 13:19:03-04

The death of a Husker continues to hit the state hard, after news broke Sam Foltz, 22, died in a crash during a storm in Merton, Wisconsin Saturday.

The hashtag “RIP 27” is seen all over social media, trending since Sunday morning.

Since the reports of Foltz’s death, his teammates shared what kind of man he was both on and off the field.

 “He was a hardworking, [a] dedicated leader,” says Jamie Sutcliffe, a place kicker with the team. “He was very trustworthy. Everyone had his back, no matter what.”

Those same words echo off the tongues of those who knew the punter well.

 “Sam was revered” says Ronnie Green, chancellor at University of Nebraska – Lincoln. “He was a mentor for the whole athletic community and on campus as well. The campus is in shock and trying to support his parents, his family.”

The would-be senior was respected and known for being outgoing.

At a vigil held Sunday, other Husker players say Foltz made it a point to know everyone on the team and was remembered for two things: his hard work ethic and faith.

 “If I would asked Sam right now, do you work hard for those coaches or do you work hard to go the NFL? Sam would have said, ‘No. I work hard because God blessed me with the abilities that I have,’” says  Kieron Williams, a teammate and vigil organizer.

With the Huskers pulling out of the Big Ten Media Days in Chicago, Coach Mike Riley called a meeting with the team Sunday – saying the team needed time to heal, whether it would be with a grief counselor or each other.

 “Making it available is one thing,” he says. “But also just getting to see the guys and be around them I think is important to know how that can be and to make sure that they're with each other right now.”