Scott Van Pelt on Sam Foltz Tribute and Foltz Family Buglary

Posted at 1:24 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-07 15:54:24-04
Memorial Stadium was filled with excitement on Saturday as their season kicked off but the day did not go on without remembering there was one less player on the field. Husker punter Sam Foltz lost his life in a  tragic car accident a few weeks ago and the Husker family made it known that he will never be forgotten. 
Game day started with two of Foltz's nephews leading the team onto the field, close friend and teammate 
Sam Brown was awarded the first Sam Foltz Hero 27 Leadership Award and when it came to the Husker's first punt of the game they lined the field with only 10 players taking time to remember the absent punter. 
The Huskers were charged with a penalty for delay of game but Fresno State showing respect as well 
As the Foltz family was spending their Saturday honoring the life of their son, brother, uncle, 
grandson and dear friend a burglary was taking place back at the home of brother Jordan Foltz in Greeley Nebraska.
The Greeley County Sheriff's department stated that the thieves broke into Jordan's car and home, steeling a TV and tools with an estimated loss of $1,400.
Jordan took to Facebook to make a statement about the incident posting:
"These past few weeks have been some of the most hard,tiring,emotional and trying times I've ever ran up against in my thirty years on  this earth as I lost a friend a role model and most importantly a brother. And tonight as we celebrated and mourned my brother for all he accomplished in his career as a Person a Nebraskan and a Husker in Lincoln some someone was back here in our home town breaking into my house and my vehicles probably seeing our family as a easy target as we were all in Lincoln." 
ESPN's Van Pelt also took a stand against whomever had the heart to take advantage of the Foltz 
absence Saturday. 
"How morally vacant can a person be to target the home of a family that is honoring a loss son and brother,
a treasured member of the community and the state, how do you become so empty, so soulless that you think "well I know who I can rob this Saturday."?"
"Something you'll never shake whoever you are that did this, you'll always be the person who stole from the Foltz family while they were honoring their guy, and a state where there are few things as revered as a Cornhusker and few Cornhuskers as revered as Sam Foltz. So good luck with that."
Watch the video below.