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Tanner Lee: "We kept fighting, I still love this team"

Posted at 6:50 PM, Nov 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-04 22:23:22-04

Nebraska's Tanner Lee at the podium following the Huskers' 31-24 loss to Northwestern.

Here's what Tanner Lee has to say about Nebraska's overtime loss to Northwestern:

On missed opportunities

“One of the big things this week was to make sure we finished in the end zone and so that was disappointing, you know to go on a big drive like that and not be able to punch it in. So, have got to be better there. It takes a lot of pressure off of our defense who played well enough of win tonight. We will keep pushing there.”


On Northwestern’s defense

“I think they did a good job of mixing up looks and doing different things and stuff to get us off balance.  We did well at times, we just didn’t get there, we just didn’t finish, we just didn’t get it done in the end. It is a game of inches and we just didn’t get those inches tonight. It’s just disappointing, it’s hard but I think as a team we kept fighting. I still love this team, tough situations keep coming up but I think we are all going to be better for it and because of it.”


On the interception

“I’m not sure about that but that particular play, it was a good time to call that play, I liked it. I think we had… I think Stanley (Morgan Jr.) did a good job, I think he was open there. I think it is tough, you know, but that’s football. Things like that happen and I think it is just tough and it is what it is. It just sucks that it happened right there. So, yeah it hurts but we’ve got to be better, just have to be better all around.”


On drowning out speculations about the program

“You know, it is tough and I think that it has been alright because of the team we have. I think I have been able to rally behind my teammates and I think we’ve all been able to help each other when things like that are going on because it is tough when you’re having a tough season. You know, I always rely on those guys in every situation. Those are the guys I hang out with all week, I hang out with after games. The guys I love crying with, playing games with and the only thing that really matters to me is wanting to play well for my coaches and wanting to play well for my teammates. Because those are the guys that put in the endless hours of work with me and for me and we do it together. So just having that always in the back of my mind really drives me.”


On former players criticizing the current team

“It is disappointing, I think I would be disappointed if I were them. I think this means so much to them and they want to see their school do well and that’s understandable. So that’s my opinion there.”


On the screen play in overtime

“Just trying to find a window to get Devine (Ozigbo) the ball. I probably should have just found a way to just make a play and get him the ball there, somehow, that would have been best.”


On what he does after a loss

“I just want to learn from it. First of all, I want to be better because of it. I think we should be better week to week because of the things we go through during games. I enjoy this, I enjoy the process, I enjoy football. We go through tough times you just kind of got to realize that it happens but the way you respond to it is what matters. I think we will respond with joy, we will respond by coming to work every day and working hard because we have respect for everyone that puts work into this program. So that’s the reason I’ve been coming to work and working my butt off. So that keeps me going.”