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World-Herald writer gets firsthand look at Frost

Posted at 10:45 PM, Nov 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-15 23:45:30-05

Omaha World-Herald writer heads to Florida to get firsthand look at Frost

Dirk Chatelain sees what he has built


With speculating swirling everyday in Nebraska about the future of the Nebraska football program, Dirk Chatelain spent last weekend in Central Florida sizing up the situation that one of the hottest coaching prospects in college football is basking in, in Orlando, Scott Frost.  Chatelain said, "He's living in a wonderful town where it's 73 degrees in November.  His wife just had a baby.  He's going to make plenty of money in Orlando. "


The Omaha World-Herald writer says in the 48 hours he spent there, he quickly learned that Frost is the toast of campus.  He has guided the team to a 9-0 record.  They are ranked 15th in the country.  UCF is a former commuter school that now has a whopping 65,000 students.  Florida is a recruiting hotbed and Frost seems to be just warming up. Chatelain noted, "He replicated Oregon in Orlando. They lead the nation in scoring, play a real exciting style. "


The writer is aware that Frost has a strong attachment to Nebraska football having won a national championship in 1998 and Frost has long been an admirer of his former Coach, Husker legend Tom Osborne. Chatelain concluded, "I think eventually Scott Frost would want to Coach Nebraska but do wonder if this is the right time. "