Huskers/Women's CWS to be without dugout props

Posted at 1:29 PM, May 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-21 14:50:03-04

I’m not shy about my distain for some most NCAA rules. The corporate suits always seem to get in the way of logic, and more importantly, a good time. Well now they’re infringing on a territory of good old fashioned fun that is part of what makes college sports so great. 

If you watch college softball, some of the most memorable moments are a flash cut in between pitches to the dugout where you might find a “Phantom of the Opera” mask dawning a relief pitcher’s face. Or maybe even a horse head sporting your team colors.

The NCAA unleashed a new initiative banning props in the dugout starting with this year College Softball World Series. 

Now ask yourself: Why?

According to a story on, the chair of the NCAA Division II softball committee, Terri Holmes, says it is to, “reflect a positive image of the game.”

If by “positive” she means “boring”, “dumb”, or “old-fashioned” then sure. 

Sports are entertainment for the viewer. I have a hard time naming a more positive reflection of your sport than the people participating enjoying themselves. 

Fans like it, media likes it, and most importantly, PLAYERS like it. 

God forbid if the student-athletes have a good time putting in their 40+ hours of work toward the “athletic” portion of their agreement. 

The Husker softball team, who made regionals and is vying for a spot in the College Softball World Series, is no longer allowed to wear these masks which can be found in the first frame of the tweet:

If the Huskers make the College Softball World Series on a walk-off hit, I can’t think of a better reaction than Captain America and Iron Man greeting the game-winning run at home plate.

The new NCAA policy is an absurd reaction to a beautifully absurd dugout practice.

If I were going to the Huskers NCAA regional game, I’d make sure to bring my own prop to the game….

….a foam finger. 

I’m not going to tell which finger is sticking up either.

Brett Kane is a cross platform content gather for He was previously a radio host and producer at AM 590 ESPN Omaha. Opinions are those of the writer.