Husker fans react to winning streak

Husker fans react to winning streak
Posted at 5:47 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-17 19:23:26-04

The Huskers are on a winning streak and fans are getting excited about the team possibly making a comeback after so many years.

However, not everyone is a believer.

Some are on board while others say just wait and see.

Those on board say it's the new coach.

Those not so sure say they are waiting to see the Huskers play some tougher teams.

Nebraska fans say they will be glued to their seats watching every game this season.

"It’s pretty exciting to see the Huskers in the top ten, it's not something I really expected with the new coach coming in so abruptly," said Husker fan Joseph Overcamp.

"That hasn't happened here in awhile, not that I can remember, so I’m pretty stoked," said Husker fan Jack McNeil.

After Saturday’s away game against Indiana, the Cornhusker's are now six and zero, and moving up in the top ten ranks.

 "Go huskers," McNeil said.

Some fans say so far, they love it.

"Everybody is excited about winning games obviously, but I think there is a consistency to people out there, so it's not really out of the box right now," said Coach Mike Riley.

However, not everybody is buying into it especially football fans outside of Nebraska.

"What they want to see is Nebraska go out and beat Perdue 30-17 and look good, and then they want to see them go to Wisconsin and get a win the bottom-line,” said Chris from Norfolk.

“That's what they want to see, if they do that that's when they will show respect to Nebraska," Chris continued.

Husker fan Joseph Overcamp says he believes even against those big teams they'll get the job done.

"I think we have all the right components, I think we just need to sharpen our skills a bit to face those top five teams," Overcamp said.

Fans say they are hoping the new coach's direction will help take the team all the way.

"He just kind of has a different angle of coming at the guys and right now it's working for him," McNeil said.

Those fans say they are most excited and nervous for the Husker game against Ohio State in a few weeks, but will be at the edge of their seats cheering them on.