OSI Heat Index: July 18th

Who's hot, and who's not?
OSI Heat Index: July 18th
Posted at 12:07 PM, Jul 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-18 13:07:10-04

OSI Heat Index - June 13th


Welcome to OSI Heat Index, a weekly look at local teams and assignment of a “temperature reading” based on the past week’s performance. 


For instance, a temperature reading of “1” would be ice cold, while “10” would be scorching hot. 


Omaha Storm Chasers

Heat Index: 6

Trending: Even


Since completing an awful month of June, the Chasers have basically been playing .500 ball since the start of July (8-7). Many of the faces that have helped form the core of this club for the past few years have made their way to Kansas City, and are now helping the big league team. 


From an excitement perspective, several new arrivals for the Chasers are among the best prospects in the Royals system, including shortstop Raul A. Mondesi and outfielder Bubba Starling. The one big time prospect still absent from Omaha is pitcher Kyle Zimmer, who continues to battle shoulder fatigue. 


Kansas City Royals

Heat Index: 4

Trending: Down


Losing two of three to the Tigers over the weekend was not the way KC wanted to start the second half of the season, and it makes the next three games against Cleveland even more important. Realistically, if the Royals don’t win the series, their chances of winning the division are all but dead. Overcoming a nine game deficit (best case scenario) at this point in the season just isn’t likely. 


Further complicating things is the fact KC is 4.5 games back in the wild card standings, but have four teams in front of them right now. 


Either way, come Thursday or Friday, GM Dayton Moore will be faced with the making a decision on being buyer, seller, or standing pat at the trade deadline. The Royals desperately need starting pitching if they’re going to be a factor in the postseason, and there’s just not much available on the market. The club simply may not possess the minor league pieces to add an impact arm. 


Ultimately, it feels like the Royals will stick with what they have and hope they catch fire like they did in 2014, when they ran all the way to the World Series as a wild card. 


Nebraska Football

Heat Index: 8

Trending: Up


It’s been about as good of an offseason as Mike Riley and company could hope for in Lincoln. There haven’t been any major off-field issues (at least that are public), and there’s as much hype and buzz surrounding recruiting as there ever has been with this program. 


The next step, of course, is landing one or two of the five-star players Riley and his staff are recruiting, and keeping the status quo with the off-field issues through training camp. The start of the season is still a long way off, but the positive momentum throughout the summer has been impressive. 


Nebraska Men’s Basketball 

Heat Index: 3

Trending: Down


For as good of an offseason as the football program is having, Tim Miles and Nebraska basketball are taking a bit of beating as of recent. 


It turns out the Andrew White departure wasn’t nearly as rosy and cordial as fans may have thought. Read this story from for all the details


It doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture. There’s no way to deny the upcoming season will be a big one for Miles. Win, and there’s no issues. Lose? The heat may start to pick up even more next offseason.