Quinn's Corner: Give Tom Brady his shirt back

#12's jersey went missing following the game
Posted at 7:47 PM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-09 12:47:24-05

So, Tom Brady is concerned that someone stole his game worn jersey following the Patriot's win on Sunday. 

In the aftermath of the game and suspected theft, law enforcement has gotten involved, even offering a reward for information leading to the return of the jersey. 

Here's my only question...

What kind of world are we living in these days?

First five time champion. Celebrating with his teammates and family, and some idiot decides to swipe his jersey? 

There's only two places this jersey should be: 1. Hanging on Tom Brady's wall. 2. Canton. 

Hopefully, this is just some sort of sick prank or honest mistake that gets corrected sooner rather than later. Although, there is theoretically quite a bit of money at stake. Outside the Lines on ESPN reported today the missing jersey could potentially be worth north of $500k. 

If the perpetrator happens to be reading this (highly unlikely), just put the darn thing in a box and mail it anonymously to NFL HQ in New York. I'm sure they'll get it to the proper people. 


On the home front, this feels like a good week for Creighton basketball to have a break. I'm sure plenty of Jays players (and fans) had trouble falling asleep on Saturday night wondering how in the world the game against Xavier slipped away. 

Creighton had numerous chances to put the Musketeers away, both throughout the second half and again in the final minute, yet couldn't get it done. That doesn't happen often with McDermott coached teams. Lets hope it doesn't become a pattern. 

It feels like an especially big week for Davion Mintz. He's had to learn on the fly since Maurice Watson got injured, and has endured some ups and downs along the way. It should be a good week for him to get back to basics for a few days before the Jays enter the stretch run.

Creighton has the highest potential with him on the floor, if for no other reason than they can play with more pace. Mintz's continued growth will be crucial to the Jays' success going forward. 


The UConn women's basketball team won their 98th straight game Tuesday night. 

Let that sink it for a moment. 98 wins in a row. 

And don't forget, UConn also owned the previous record for consecutive wins at 90, a streak that ended in 2010. 

During the current streak, dating back to 2014 (a loss to Stanford, who ended their previous winning streak four years earlier), UConn has only had two games decided by 10 points or fewer, the closest being a two point victory over Florida State in 2016.

The Huskies haven't played complete scrubs either - 27 of their 98 wins have come against ranked teams. 

For comparison, the longest D1 men's college basketball winning streak still belongs to UCLA under the legendary John Wooden. The Bruins rattled of 88 in a row from 1971-74, before falling to Notre Dame.

The UConn women have had TWO streaks longer than Wooden's Bruins in the last decade. 

The Huskies will have a shot to make it an even hundred next Monday at home against #6 South Carolina. 


Speaking of winning streaks...

Just for the heck of it, a few sports winning streaks of note...

- 3m springboard diving: USA, 11 consecutive Olympic gold medals (1920-1972)

- NASCAR: Richard Petty, 10 race wins in a row (1967)

- MLB pitching winning decisions: Carl Hubbell, NY Giants (1936-37). Included just 3 no decisions. 

- NCAA CWS games: South Carolina, 12 wins in a row (2010-12)

- Test Cricket: Australia, 16 matches (2 occasions)

- WWE Wrestlemania matches: The Undertaker, 21 matches (1991-2014)

- NCAA D1 Football - Oklahoma, 47 games (1953-57). No ties. 

- Air Hockey - USA, 30 consecutive world championships (1978-99)

- Women's Racquetball - Paola Longoria, 152 consecutive matches (2011-14)

And finally: 

- Squash: Jahangir Khan, 555 consecutive matches won from 1981-86. Claims to be the longest winning streak in any sport, in terms of number of matches won. This has been disuputed (of course). 


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