Quinn's Corner: McDermott, Leicester, and more

Former Jays star is on the move
Quinn's Corner: McDermott, Leicester, and more
Posted at 2:26 PM, Feb 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-23 15:51:36-05

On NBA trade deadline day, former Creighton Jay Doug McDermott is reportedly on the move: 

In the end, it's probably a good move for McDermott. Despite coming off the bench to average over 10 PPG for the Bulls this season, his run in Chicago has been a relatively unsuccessful one, especially given what the team gave up in the draft to move up to select him. 

A change of scenery will hopefully do him some good. Plus, the Bulls were likely going nowhere anyway. There's a good chance Fred Hoiberg won't be back next season, and while they may not be title contenders in the West, the Thunder feel like they're a lot closer to relevancy than Chicago. 

On top of that, McDermott will get to play alongside Russell Westbrook. So there's that. 


Speaking of McDermott's Jays, they really let one get away last night. 

Despite Creighton leading by 13 points at one point of first half, Providence roared back and closed the game on a 6-0 run to steal one away from the Jays in Omaha. Creighton didn't score in the final 3:32.

The team continues to have challenges at the point guard spot - last night Davion Mintz and Tyler Clement combined to go 0-4 shooting for zero points, with just four assists between them. 

With three games left in the regular season, it feels like Creighton is teetering on the edge of disaster all the sudden. This weekend's trip to Villanova will be no cake walk, and games against St. Johns and Marquette all the sudden feel like toss-ups. 

Things could easily spiral on this team. Even though I don't expect them to win this weekend, at least seeing a solid showing would ease some tension heading down the stretch. 

Add in the off-court situation with Maurice Watson (which I'm going to hold off commenting on until we know more facts), and things are hardly on solid ground for the Jays at the moment. 


Less than one year ago, Leicester City shocked the soccer world by winning the Premier League. At one point, their odds were as high as 1000/1. 

Taking a more worldly view of sports, one might consider their run as the greatest season long upset bid in sports history. 

Today, the club fired the manager that made it happen.

Tough business, but hardly surprising. After winning the league a year ago, Leicester is in danger of being relegated this campaign. Can't have that if you're the Foxes. 


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