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Kara Jennings leads the way for Omaha Concordia

Posted at 10:01 PM, Feb 03, 2018

In her junior season, Kara Jennings has had a big role for Omaha Concordia girls' basketball.  Jennings averages just shy of 13 points a game for the Mustangs, who beat Omaha Mercy to improve to 11-8 overall this year.

"KJ" as she's known to her team, Jennings also shares a long bond with Concordia head coach, Matt Shafer.  Shafer has been coaching Jennings since middle school.

"She's gotten more confident particularly between last year and this year," Shafer said. "You can see a real jump in her confidence level."

"My freshman year [Shafer] wasn't coaching here but now that he is it's just kind of cool to see how I've grown up and how we are now," Jennings said.