UNO swimming and diving team safe from Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting

Posted at 2:50 PM, Jan 06, 2017

University of Nebraska at Omaha officials said their swimming and diving team members are safe following Friday's deadly shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Airport. 

University officials say the team was in a secure area at the airport. The team was returning from a winter break training trip.


Officials said that there  were 31 people in the UNO group, 28 were students and three were coaches.

They added that there were only student athlete swimmers, no divers.

UNO officials said as the swim team entered the airport, after getting off their bus, they were told by airport security that the airport was in lockdown.

They were then escorted to a secure area.

University officials have released this following statement:

"Members of the University of Nebraska Omaha Maverick Swimming and Diving Team are currently safe in a secure area at the Fort Lauderdale airport, following an incident involving a shooting earlier today. The team was returning from a winter break training trip. We are monitoring the situation and working to get the team back home safely to Omaha." -Trev Alberts, Vice Chancellor of Athleticsm