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Village Grinder serves up curbside coffee and positivity

Posted at 1:34 PM, Mar 26, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — On today’s installment of We’re Open Omaha, 3 News Now This Morning Anchor Maya Saenz stops into Village Grinder, a coffee shop that’s still open and adding a little fun and positivity to their curbside service.

“All right, I hope to see you soon,” Village Grinder Owner Patty Dudziak tells a customer. “Love you, bye! That’s our guard, he doesn’t have a job.”

That’s how Dudziak treats all of her customers...with love. The COVID-19 outbreak hasn’t stopped that.

The shop is continuing to sell coffee, pastries, lunch and other items. Curbside only and with a squirt of hand sanitizer to help keep customers safe.

Stickers and messages of positivity adorn to-go bags. They’ve even renamed some of their signature coffees with COVID-themed names.

“Keep Nebraska flat. I came up with that one...like the curve,” says Dudziak.

The shop is also offering quarantine baskets.

“We’ve shipped a couple to a couple of parents who have kids who are far away. We sent one to Milwaukee, Michigan and New York,” says Dudziak.

They’ve had to adapt but for Dudziak, she knows it’s a blessing to be able to stay open right now.

“My aunt has a cafe in San Francisco and she’s closed. She can’t do anything but we’re able to stay open and I’m very thankful,” she says.

When asked about whether she was worried about not making it as a business, she says, “I was hoping for okay...we’ll do $500 or $300. It just keeps changing and you rebudget, you cut down payrolls, you cut down hours, you cut costs. We turn the lights off, we do everything to save every single penny we have.”

Loyal customers come to support Dudziak’s business, with one hope, that the Village Grinder won’t have to close its doors.

706 Pacific St. Omaha, NE 68114




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