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We're Open Omaha: Fireguard Inc.

Posted at 9:29 AM, Apr 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-27 11:04:40-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Since 1994, Fireguard Inc. has been ensuring facility fire protection and life safety systems are in good working condition for local businesses.

"We inspect fire alarms, we inspect kitchen hoods, fire sprinkler needs to be inspected one a year, the other hoods are twice a year, extinguishers are once a year," said vice president Loren Sorenson.

When we began seeing business closures at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fireguard saw a decrease in business.

"We did cut our employees hours to 32 hours, everybody, no exclusions, and we just opened that back up last week," said Sorenson.

Even though they have gotten back to normal hours for their employees, they've received requests to hold off on inspection services in certain businesses like nursing home to limit outside traffic to decrease the risk of possible virus spread.

"I think it was the unknown for a lot of customers, not really knowing if it was safe for people to come into our buildings," said Sorenson.

But they continue to serve their customers.

"We had to change some of our hours, but overall, we're sticking close to the schedule," said business development manager Meghan Sedlace. "We have to be. The healthcare facilities require us to be there every month, and so we are in there every month."

They are sanitizing equipment and practicing social distancing in the workplace, especially for their crews who go out and work inside businesses.

"We have kind of closed off the area in the front," said Sorenson. "We want to keep the technicians in the back and the office people in the front, and not have too much crossover."

"When they come in in the morning, some of them don't have to come inside in the morning, we prepare their vans with all of this equipment here," said Sedlace. "They're following CDC guidelines, all their PPE, personal protective equipment - their gloves, masks, we offer these spray bottles, all the disinfect wipes, spray, they're cleaning their equipment, and vans every time they go into a facility, everything needs to be sanitized."

So if you're a businesses needing their service, give Fireguard a call.

"We're open 24/7, so this may be a good time to have your inspections done if you have less occupancy right now," said Sedlace. "We can certainly come in at a time that is convenient for you, whether you're a customer or not. We have been receiving calls for non-current customers. We're happy to help, even if it's one time."

Fireguard Inc.
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