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Posted at 12:05 PM, May 20, 2020
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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — The Omaha Baby Nest is a full-service doula agency.

"We offer a variety of packages and care for our clients ranging from birth doula, to postpartum and infant care," said co-owner Tracy Crescitelli . "We offer classes like childbirth education class and newborn class."

The Omaha Baby Nest is owned by Crescitelli and Mariah Palrang.

Together, they serve as birth and postpartum doulas, supporting women as they get ready to deliver their baby and after.

"If they hire us as their birth doula, and their labor doula, we are in person with them, we are laboring with them in their early stages of labor in their home, most often in their home, or wherever they're wanting," Palrang said. "And then we also transition to the hospital or their birth location with them, and we stay until the baby is born, one to two hours after baby is born and be an encourager and offer physical support like certain massage techniques, and verbal support to the partner or spouse and really allow them to work as a team."

But since COVID-19, the doulas had to go from in-person care to virtual and offer support via zoom or phone.

"There are three pillars of support that a doula can offer and that's physical, emotional and educational," said Palrang. "So our physical is gone, but our educational and emotional has only gone up."

They have seen a decrease in people inquiring about their services, but they continue working with their clients at a time that is more hectic due to the pandemic.

"We haven't had anyone just drop us," said Crescitelli . "We have obviously witnessed the panic that mothers had at first. Whether or not we're going to be there - that really affected them and sent them to a lot of unknowns, which is really hard when you're pregnant because your emotions are already all over the place."

As the doulas wait for hospital restrictions to lift, they continue offering breastfeeding counseling, newborn and childbirth classes via zoom and even meal prep services for new possibly tired parents all while keeping safety in mind. And having one doula focus on one family at a time.

"We are respecting the families wishes, just like we would before COVID, like if they wanted us to take off or wear shoes in their house, like we do what they want," said Palrang. "If they want us to wear a mask when we're there, we'll wear a mask."

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