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We're Open Omaha: Wicked Hen Farmhouse

Posted at 10:15 AM, Jul 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-16 11:15:48-04

SPRINGFIELD, Neb. (KMTV) — The Wicked Hen Farmhouse in Springfield, right outside of Omaha, is open.

"It's a very family-oriented cafe, home-cooked food, the things you would get when you go to a small town, or you would go to your grandparents house," said owner Amy Busch. "You've got your traditional biscuits and gravy, and you've got some fun items. Cinnamon roll sandwiches, and your pork tenderloins, chicken fried steak."

Even though it's a little outside city limits, it's well worth the trip. Busch says the cooking will make you feel at home.

"I would cook with mom. I would bake. Holidays were a big time for us to do things. Homemade bars, homemade cookies, homemade cake, cinnamon rolls in the morning, biscuits and gravy at home too. My mom brought it into the home too," Busch said.

Being located in a small town, Busch says she didn't know how business would be when the pandemic started.

"We were a little worried," Busch said. "We didn't know how it would impact us being in a small community, being a little further out of Omaha, but we stayed strong. We cut hours of operation so we could make sure that staff could stay and be on board."

Busch says they're focusing on rigorous cleaning and following the governor's guidelines by keeping the restaurant at 50% capacity, and they've adjusted their hours.

"We're opening earlier on the weekends now because we have a need for folks who want to come in at 7 am and eat," Busch said. "So we're adding that back in, extending those hours. And then we will keep the Thursday nights, and those will be specialty nights for dinner and we'll be open from 5 to 8."

Throughout the pandemic, Busch says they've also been partnering with local churches and businesses to help people who were in need of meals and to support first responders.

She says that's because the community has been so good to them, even through these tough times.

"It's been great," Busch said. "The community has really supported us, but we can only have five tables here at once. So we have recommended to call. But business is on the rise. So that's good. I think people are excited to have us back open."

The Wicked Farmhouse
153 Main St. Springfield, NE 68059

Monday - Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday - Friday: 10AM - 1PM | 5PM - 8PM
Saturday - Sunday: 8AM - 1PM