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PA trooper charged after getting ex committed for psychiatric issues

Authorities contend Philadelphia State Police trooper Ronald Davis manipulated the law to extort control over the woman.
PA trooper charged after getting ex committed for psychiatric issues
Posted at 11:23 AM, Sep 25, 2023

A Pennsylvania State Police trooper is facing numerous charges, including official oppression, false imprisonment and strangulation, after allegedly getting his ex-girlfriend involuntarily committed to a medical facility because he claimed she was having suicidal thoughts. 

According to a criminal complaint, Ronald K. Davis, 37, told another officer in August that he needed assistance getting his ex-girlfriend involuntarily committed because she had been acting erratically and was suicidal. The officer reportedly told him that he should contact Dauphin County Crisis Intervention to minimize any conflict and liability. 

While the petition to have the woman involuntarily committed was being evaluated, officers reportedly attempted to conduct welfare checks on the woman, but were unable to locate her. 

The petition to have the woman committed was eventually approved. Upon learning about the approval, the police report said Davis told another officer that he would "take care of it myself."

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Court documents state that Davis enlisted help from a civilian and tracked down the woman. The civilian was reportedly instructed by Davis to record the encounter. 

It shows him aggressively restraining the woman as she attempts to flee. 

Police state that the woman appeared confused about why she was being restrained. They also noted that Davis did not state he was acting in his official capacity as a trooper. 

The police report states that other officers eventually arrived at the scene not having a full understanding of how the woman was tracked down. She was taken into custody based on the approved petition to have her placed on involuntary psychiatric hold. 

The Dauphin County District Attorney's Office said the woman was held for five days. 

She was interviewed by police and alleged this entire situation stemmed from a domestic dispute between her and Davis. They had apparently gotten into an argument about a previous intimate relationship she had with another man. 

During their investigation, authorities determined that the woman should not have been committed for psychological issues, noting her statements with Davis were hypothetical in nature. 

Authorities contend Davis improperly manipulated the law to extort control over the woman. 

Davis is currently being held at the Dauphin County Prison awaiting a preliminary hearing, which is scheduled for Oct. 2. 

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