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Petco Has Matching Halloween Costumes For Pets And Their Owners

Petco Has Matching Halloween Costumes For Pets And Their Owners
Posted at 8:45 AM, Sep 04, 2020

There are plenty of things to enjoy about the Halloween season — movies, candy, you name it. But the very best part? The costumes, of course!

Dressing up on your own is fun enough as it is, but if you have a furry friend you like to put in costume as well, it’s even better. And this year, Petco is taking it up another notch by not only offering a line of pet costumes but selling coordinating gear that you can wear to match your pet.

This adult Born to Unicorn costume comes in sizes small/medium and large/x-large and costs $24.99. You can then buy three different pet costumes depending on which animal you have. Choose a full-body costume for cats for $14.99, a headpiece with rainbow faux-fur trim for a dog for $11.99 or a seriously adorable version for small animals like guinea pigs for $8.99.


If dinosaurs are more your style, the Bootique dinosaur parent costume onesie pairs perfectly with the matching pet costume. The adult costume is $24.99, while the pet costume is $21.99. You can get the parent costume in sizes small/medium and large/x-large and the pet costume in sizes extra-small to 3XL, which covers weights between 6-85 pounds.


While those are the only two matching costumes that Petco offers, they also have some face masks that you could use instead. Coordinate with your pet without getting fully dressed up — and while staying safe! Pair, for example, this pumpkin mask with this Jack O. Lantern hoodie or this shark mask with this shark costume.

They also have dozens of other pet costumes you could figure out how to match yourself — like a pirate, Dracula or a member of royalty (King Purrington to be exact). If you’re a fan of superhero movies, you can also get Captain Marvel, Batman, Wonder Woman and Groot costumes.


Don’t forget to pick up some Halloween treats and toys when you pick out a costume. After all, good boys and girls who dress up (and keep their costumes on) also deserve a present!

Choose from snacks like this pumpkin-shaped cookie dog treat, this candy corn rope dog toy or these adorable Halloween plush mice cat toys.


Competitor PetSmart also has a line of Halloween costumes for your furry friends, including ones for dogs, cats and guinea pigs.

From classic costumes like a garden gnome and Frankenstein’s monster to pop culture favorites like Beetlejuice, your four-legged friends will be perfectly adorable this fall.


Will you be dressing up your pet for Halloween?

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