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Find A Baby Chick Hiding Among The Ducklings In This Tricky Puzzle

Find A Baby Chick Hiding Among The Ducklings In This Tricky Puzzle
Posted at 11:57 AM, Mar 25, 2022

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If your daily Wordle — or even Worldle — puzzle isn’t giving your brain enough of a workout, you’ve got to check out Dudolf.

This illustrator, whose real name is Gergely Dudás, has built up a following of 165,000 Facebook followers because of the whimsical picture puzzles he creates on a regular basis and shares for free online. He specializes in drawing vibrant scenes loaded with similar items but with an imposter hidden in the mix.

One of Dudolf’s toughest puzzles yet invites challengers to look all over an outdoor scene full of yellow ducks to find a baby chick hiding somewhere among them. It’s as dastardly as his drawings always are … while still being charming and cute.

The Facebook post below shows just a small part of the picture, with the full puzzle being revealed when you follow the link to his website.

As usual, Dudolf also offers the solution on another page at his site. If you want a hint about finding the sneaky chick, focus on the birds’ beaks.

Meanwhile, if you’ve given up and want the solution, you can click here to see it.

We’re big fans of Dudolf’s puzzles and have shared them before. One of his best that was similar to the duck picture involved finding a mouse among a huge group of squirrels. This one seems like it would be easier than the duck one at a glance, but it’s so tricky! The best hint is to look at each animal’s ears.


Did you have any luck? If not, you can read more about the squirrel puzzle here and find a link to the solution as well.

If that’s still not enough for you, Dudolf has a series of puzzle books that you can buy on Amazon. One covers Halloween-themed puzzles, another book is perfect for springtime and another for winter scenes.

Gergely Dudas/Amazon

Be sure to follow him on social media to see his newest puzzles as they drop.

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