"Covid slide": Experts warn of major loss in academics over summer

How students can get through the "covid slide"
Posted at 6:26 PM, May 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-20 19:26:14-04

OMAHA, Neb. — With the couple months that students have been out of school due to COVID-19 added to the summer months they'll be out of school - it may be hard for students to bounce back in the fall.

The "summer slide" is when students don't retain as much of their academic material throughout the summer and have a harder time diving back into school. The COVID-19 pandemic only makes that slide harder on students.

"You get the summer slide. Well, now you have a six months slide," Kumon La Vista director Cynthia Heller said.

Experts predict that students who return back to school in the fall may retain only 70% of their reading gains from the previous school year and only 50% of their math gains, leaving students a full year behind in math.

"So parents are trying to figure out what can we do," Kumon La Vista assistant director Jayde Komasinski said.

Parents may consider an after-school enrichment program like Kumon or an educational center like Code Ninjas, where students can learn coding by making video games.

"It just helps them continue to keep their mind moving and thinking of ways to solve problems," Code Ninjas franchise owner Luke Towey said.

Parents can also incorporate some learning this summer by doing simple things like using every day activities as learning opportunities. For example having kids bake and having them measure out the ingredients. Another tip is to set a schedule for your student to do at least a few minutes of reading and math a day.

"Just make sure your children are reading, writing and doing math," Heller said.

Spend more time with the little ones and let older students figure out problems on their own.

"Sometimes it takes somebody one time to go over it, sometimes it takes them five times. But kids are naturally curious and smart. From wherever you're at, you can get better," Heller said.

If you need more materials, contact your school and see if they're offering any packets or resources for over the summer to keep kids engaged and avoid set-backs in their learning.

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