Using technology like Zoom and Facebook to stay connected during COVID-19

Ways you can stay socially connected in quarantine
Posted at 6:26 PM, Apr 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-27 11:06:26-04

OMAHA, Neb. — Staying connected during these difficult times is as important as ever. Even if people can't do it in person, there's many resources online.

People can utilize technology to still stay connected and still do their favorite activities.

"If you had a community beforehand. If you had a gym that you went to every morning, if you had a book club you went to every week, reaching out to those folks and just seeing if they want to continue that in a digital format can be a really healthy way to maintain those connections," UNO assistant professor of counseling Charmayne Adams said.

During these times it's beneficial to maintain relationships and maintain connections.

"The development of technology as a whole has really kind of brought us to this moment to be able to adapt so well," Frost Media Group co-owner Alec Rahe said.

Communication sites like Zoom, Facebook and Houseparty offer ways for multiple people to connect face to face.

"It's reminding us that we can still do what we're doing even from a safe distance," Rahe said.

Adams says quality connections are better than quantity connections. However, it's important that individuals maintain connections of any kind to ease stress.

"Look back on what's worked before and so maybe in the past during stressful times it was really helpful to exercise, or it was really helpful to go outside," she said.

There are also games and activities people can play in groups over the phone without being near each other:

- Fibbage
- Psych
- Quiplash
- Jackbox
- Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

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