Women's Center for Advancement helping domestic violence and assault victims amid COVID-19

WCA offering virtual help for survivors
Posted at 6:30 PM, Apr 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-21 12:04:18-04

OMAHA, Neb. — An Omaha-based non-profit that helps women with issues like domestic violence, stalking and assault, has reworked how they help women amid COVID-19. Whether it's finding a new place to live, finding a job or seeking a protection order, the Women's Center for Advancement is fully operational and here to help.

"It's a known fact that in times of trials, and especially this kind of one where you're so isolated, that your life is really in jeopardy," Women's Center for Advancement (WCA) president and CEO Amy Richardson said.

The doors to the WCA may be closed since staff are working remotely, but their services are far from gone. The WCA is expanding their services virtually, to better fit the needs amid the virus.

"What we are doing is we're redeploying all of our staff to be able to answer that call for help," Richardson said.

Their top priority is getting women and children out of dangerous situations.

"That isolation is so dangerous for their safety. So whether they're reaching out to us or they're reaching out to someone else, make sure someone knows your circumstance," Richardson added.

They even help with legal battles, financial strains and unemployment.

"Of course we have classes, budgeting and job searching and they can come into our office and we can build resumes," Richardson said.

They also help women in dangerous situations find daycare for the little ones, so everyone is safe.

"We will help people with the payment of daycare and we have some places that are offering daycare for some of our survivors that are in the midst of getting out of a situation and might need help," Richardson said.

A lot of this help can be done virtually. There are even virtual classes that help with things like managing stress and addressing mental health.

All the services are free of charge.

24/7 Hotline - 402-345-7273

Mon.-Fri. Phone-line - 402-345-6555

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