Goodwill of Omaha giving up to $1,500 hiring bonuses to new employees

Posted at 7:09 AM, May 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-18 16:06:12-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Labor shortages are a real problem for many companies and a lot of those companies are right here in the metro area. To help solve that problem, Goodwill of Omaha calculated costs and netted out cash incentives to new employees.

"We did a hiring bonus, so we are offering up to $1,500 for some positions as a bonus to incentivize them to come work for us. We adjusted our health, dental and vision benefits as well," says Erin Blackledge, Director of Human Resources for Goodwill Omaha.

They are hoping immediate benefits, on-the-spot hiring and free training will help people want to come to work for them. They have openings in their human services department as well as plenty of retail jobs available.

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"We offer on-the-job training for employees, we have a lot of programs that can help you get skillsets, computer classes, we can help you get into college, help you get your GED, you name it we can help you with it," says Blackledge.

There are several other roadblocks to the lack of people returning to the workforce. They include COVID-19 fears, childcare inconveniences and costs, as well as making equal or even more money with the pandemic-related federal assistance programs.

"You have a purpose in life, you can support your family, learn a skill set. You can make a career at Goodwill," Blackledge said. "It just betters your life to get back to work."

Goodwill Omaha also offers retirement plans and they say they can help you turn a job into a lucrative career and help you climb the corporate ladder.

Blackledge adds, "I started out as an entry-level HR person and now I am the director. Goodwill invests in their people, so if you want to make us a career more than just a job we will help you make it a career."

And if you are thinking you want to go back to school, they also offer tuition reimbursement.

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