Hiring process during pandemic - Local company finding success

Companies still actively hiring
Posted at 6:51 PM, Jul 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-17 19:51:01-04

ELKHORN, Neb. — OCI Services is an Elkhorn-based insurance and employee benefits company. While many of their employees have been working from home, company leaders have been busy growing their workforce.

"We had about an 18 percent growth already this year which is crazy," OCI Services vice president of people and culture Hannah Ries said.

The company is not only surviving the pandemic but steadily growing.

"There are so many people that are being let go from places and there's an incredible talent pool here in Omaha and we're really excited to be able to capitalize on some of that," Ries said.

However, the interview process looks a little different these days. As Ries sits down to interview candidates here's what she's looking for.

"Have good lighting! Have your camera set up at the right angle but also don't be afraid to laugh but to answer questions honestly and from the heart," she said.

Having great success with hiring during the pandemic, Ries also urges employers to learn to adapt quickly to the new virtual hiring process and self-care for current employees.

"The companies that are really set in their ways are the ones that I think unfortunately are going to lose some of their staff to the companies that are adaptable and are thinking employees first," she said.

With the great talent pool in the area, Ries is hopeful that open positions all over the metro will start filling up quickly as they have been at her company.