Local startup promoting events to drive traffic to local businesses

Event Vesta is a one-stop shop for local events
Posted at 6:30 PM, Jul 09, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. — The Omaha metro always has great events going on, especially in the summer. Though this summer is different, one local startup is taking it upon themselves to still promote and showcase events in the area.

"I just kept hearing time and time again from young professionals in Omaha how they knew there were awesome events, awesome things to do, but they just couldn't quite find them on today's social media channels, on today's websites," Andrew Prystai said.

Prystai and Billy Martin created a one-stop website for all the events in the area called Event Vesta. After having a successful few months and launching last fall, Prystai and Martin had plans of expanding. Then, the pandemic hit and they had to pivot their mission to keeping local businesses stay busy and even in some cases, stay afloat.

"What are our customers currently trying to do and most importantly how can we still get them traffic, even if it's not for the traditional events and the traditional offerings that they have had," Prystai said.

With COVID-19 affecting every aspect of large events, companies had to get creative. Event Vesta has helped them with that task.

"If you're a business that had events as a primary revenue stream, which so many nowadays do, reach out to us. We have ideas, we have a lot of examples from our current customers of how they're coping and dealing with the fact that you can't have the large gatherings that you used to be able to have," Martin said.

Click here if you're a local business looking to promote your events on Event Vesta and need guidance.