Local delivery service Loco cheaper for customers and restaurants

When using the Loco delivery service, money is kept in Nebraska
Posted at 6:54 PM, Jul 14, 2021
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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Restaurants are still struggling. Those that survived are trying to reach the same level of success they had prior to 2020.

"It's tough still. We have been working with local restaurants and they are still having a heck of a time," said Clay Seaman of Loco Omaha.

Loco is a new food delivery service that is 100% local. Seaman adds, "What the customers really like about it is they are actually getting a hold of someone who is local. They are like, 'Whoa, this is kind of weird because usually, this does not happen.'"

There has been some criticism that the national companies lack personal relationships. Also, the chains don't need permission to choose a restaurant to be part of their delivery service.

"They will just go ahead and take their menu, copy it, stick it on their national brand website and the customers just don't know," Seaman said. "They will order on it and if there is a problem, they are not talking to anyone local, and more than likely they are not going to get their issue solved."

Seaman adds that they have personal relationships with all of the restaurants they work with. "We don't pirate or do anything like that, we actually talk to the local restaurants and say, 'Hey, we are a local delivery service. Do you want to be a part of this movement and keeping the money here, saving money, having customer service."

Loco operates as a co-op so they are restaurant-owned.

"The co-op concept is one of the biggest differences in comparison to some of the other people. It is important that we all have a voice and that is why they provide us," said Dan Kavan, co-owner of First Watch.

They say that along with offering better customer service, they are also able to offer better pricing.

"The national ones would charge about 30% and this one is only about 15% so that is literally in half. It is great for the consumer but the business as well and the prices are just way, way better with Loco," said Emma Lepert, a manager at Anthony's Steakhouse.

"The savings are about 5%-10%, which in the restaurant world is priceless," adds Kavan.

You can visit their website or download the app. Many people are happy with the delivery times.

"Whenever it says they are on their way with the food it is actually on the way with the food. With the other ones it will say eight minutes away, then update to eight or 16 minutes away, they are very accurate," adds Lepert.

For restaurants preferring to use a local delivery service, you can download their app, "Get Loco." Restaurants can get more information about signing up on their website.

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