Local startup aims to help people manage work/life balance

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jul 08, 2020
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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Balancing work and life isn't always easy, especially for women. So one local work-life balance startup is focusing on bringing more women back into the workplace by helping to manage tasks.

Working mom Adriana Cisneros Basulto came upon some research when it came to women in the workplace. What she found lit a fire inside her.

"I was very disappointed with what I saw, which was that a lot of women were leaving the workforce and one of the main reasons they were leaving the workforce, the number one competitor with their employers, was their family life," she said.

Her fire fueled a company - Maxwell. Maxwell is a work-life balance program that tracks employee well-being and helps companies retain their best employees.

"There had to be better solutions for the problems that women in the workplace in particular were facing," Cisneros Basulto said.

Maxwell helps with simple, yet time-consuming tasks, like event planning or finding childcare.

The Startup Collaborative in Omaha helps startup companies get on their feet. Co-founder Erica Wassinger says the entrepreneurial spirit in the local area by women is inspiring.

"The number of startups coming directly out of Omaha that are saying families need help operating better, these are different solutions at it, is just mind blowing to me," Wassinger said.

Maxwell has also partnered with Swishboom, another local startup that helps parents find trusted babysitters fast. The two companies hope to remove one more thing off of people's plates.

"To enable employers to subsidize a really flexible, safe, that meats the criteria that employees are looking for, of childcare," Cisneros Basulto said.

Maxwell's official launch is set for next month.

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