No More Empty Pots launches food subscription service

For every four meals sold, they provide a free meal for those in need
Posted at 7:27 AM, Jul 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-07 08:27:17-04

FLORENCE, Neb. (KMTV) — Daily meals or packaged fresh food items, No More Empty Pots is launching their subscription-based food service.

"We were ready to roll it out to the community then COVID happened. We quickly realized that there was going to be a need for emergency food relief and we switched from a paid subscription to doing emergency food relief through some of the CARES Act funding," said Talia McGill, chief operating officer at Community Supported Agriculture.

During the pandemic they put their business on hold to help out with emergency food assistance, helping feed about 9,000 families. They worked with 32 food producers and 20 different community organizations. They are unique in that their food is provided locally, so while you are supporting their business, you are also supporting local farmers.

"We tap into local producers, vendors, and farmers in Nebraska and Iowa and we bring their produce in and then back out into the community," adds McGill.

Now that the height of the pandemic is over, business is resuming but with a caveat, allowing them to continue to show lots of love for those in need.

"We call it Mad Love. It's a paid program where anyone can buy a box or a meal and also give a box or a meal to someone else," McGill said. "For every four meals we sell, or every three boxes we sell, that supports another meal. We have seen people just adding boxes to their subscriptions and letting that go to whoever needs it," said McGill.

"We get onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, fresh local milk, eggs, and it changes from season to season," she added. "We like to explore different cultures and flavors."

You can visit their website to sign up for a weekly or monthly subscription. You can also purchase a single meal for yourself or someone else.

The CSA fresh food item boxes are $25 each. The single pre-prepared meals are $7 each.

More information:

(402) 933-3588

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