9-year-old creates app to teach other kids foundations of finances

Posted at 8:20 AM, Sep 20, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Like many 9-year-olds, Atharv Manayamkath found himself with a lot more free time recently.

Through an online program called BYJU’s FutureSchool, Manayamkath has been exploring the world of technology and coding.

His dad, Sandeep Anand, said he wants his son to explore a variety of interests and was glad to see him connect to coding.

"It kind of enhances his creativity," Anand said. "Spending time more creatively, that’s all it is.”

When a competition to build an app came along, Manayamkath knew exactly what to focus on.

“It was the perfect opportunity to teach youngsters about financial knowledge," Manayamkath said.

Sandeep has shared his passion for finances with his son from an early age, and with the help of the mentors from the online school, they built the Finwizz app together.

"The first step is to identify your goal, second is to determine your income," Manayamkath said.

The app teaches the basics of budgeting, savings, spendings and debt through information and games.

“Teachers don’t teach financial knowledge in school, so I’m hoping they could learn more about financial knowledge," Manayamkath said.

While making something to teach other children, Anand said his son has gained his own valuable experience.

“Everything is shifting from physical industry world to digital world, and we are really grateful we have the opportunity to make him learn this," Anand said.

The app is available in Google Play, and Manayamkath says he has more plans for improvements.

“I’ll make the app more professional with more information, I’ll have more games and I’ll have more quizzes too," Manayamkath said.

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