Positively the Heartland: Animal rescue groups providing second chance at life

Posted at 8:33 AM, Aug 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-30 09:33:40-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - Animal rescues in our area are helping so many dogs receive a second chance at life.

"This little one Tutsi, and her sister Taffy, came from Bailing Out Benji, which is a group that tracks and does work with getting dogs out of puppy mills," said Maggie Johnson, a Muddy Paws Pet Rescue volunteer.

Bailing Out Benji works in various states, even here in the Heartland.

"Nebraska is on the list for worst defenders every year, and same with Missouri, so it's in our area," said Heather Noyes, founder of Harbor of Hope Dog Rescue.

Harbor of Hope Dog Rescue and Muddy Paws Rescue are two organizations that survive off of volunteers and foster homes. Animal foster parents care for the dogs until they are adopted into their forever families.

"My husband and I adopted a puppy mill survivor who was five years old and had never been on grass before in her entire life. There is a huge need for people to adopt and not shop. If you are purchasing a puppy, and you can not physically see the parents, it's a puppy mill,” Noyes said.

Noyes has fostered over 175 dogs and she says she loves to see photos of dogs she and her husband have fostered growing with their new families.

"It's not just the dog's lives that we are changing, but it's really families. Anyone that has had a dog in their life, they are truly your best friend. They are unconditionally loving, they accept you as you are, there is zero judgment, you can have the worst day on the planet and they are ecstatic to see you. We are giving hope to these dogs, and giving hope to people that need that love,” Noyes said.

You can find a few rescue organizations like these at community events. They are always in need of donations, volunteers, foster parents, and those looking to adopt.

"I adopted from Muddy Paws two and a half years ago and I started volunteering about five minutes later. We need volunteers and we need foster homes because the more foster homes we have the more lives we can save,” said Johnson.

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