Positively the Heartland: Table Grace Cafe works to feed all in the community

Posted at 9:55 AM, Aug 19, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — "Everyone deserves a really healthy meal," said Simone Weber, co-founder of Table Grace Ministries.

Millions of people in America struggle with hunger and food insecurity every day and healthy food is often harder to access.

Table Grace Cafe in downtown Omaha is working to provide that to anyone who walks through their door.

"We're offering people a hand-up instead of a handout. And we're working with people alongside folks. And so wherever they are in their life we meet them there and we come together in our common need because we all need to eat," said Weber.

Weber and her husband opened the cafe in 2011 where there's no cash register or set prices.

Customers can give back in a variety of ways.

"They volunteer for their meal. They give up their time, they give up their talent. Other people come in and give generously with their financial contributions," said Weber.

The cafe has a simple menu, offering gourmet pizza, salad and soup. It's all made with fresh ingredients.

Andy Keetle prepares food at the cafe and helps with their mobile food truck.

"We get all kinds of different events and it's pretty cool to meet different people," said Keetle.

He added the customers and employees have built long-lasting relationships.

"We're a big family. I mean, we try to watch out for each other and do good. We try to treat everybody the same whether you put a dollar in, fifty cents or a hundred bucks," said Keetle.

The cafe also offers a job training program, allowing people to get hands-on kitchen experience and help to build a resume.

It's a hub for opportunity, community, and a team effort to fight hunger in the metro.

"We need everyone in this community cafe. You know, some people think that if they come here, they're taking a seat away from somebody that's really in need. But the way a community cafe really works is if we're all in it together," said Weber.

Another way to volunteer for a meal is through Music With a Mission, a weekly event hosted by the restaurant where patrons are invited to perform songs or poems.

For more information, visit their website.

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