Ralston summer camps are free and open to kids across the metro area

The camps are open to kids in fourth through sixth grade
Posted at 2:44 PM, Jul 05, 2021
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RALSTON, Neb. (KMTV) — It was a difficult school year for some kids with the challenge of remote learning, isolation and not getting to spend time with friends.

"It was hard. It was really hard because I really missed my friends but I did do Zoom with them," says sixth grader Regan Rieves.

Ralston's Summer School Principal, Malachi Behrens, says it was also difficult for them.

"It took a toll on our students, on our families, on our staff," he said. "But I think it is something that has made us better, that refined by fire approach. We know that whatever comes down the pipeline in the future, this will make us better and be able to handle that."

For the summer, the school district thought it was important to give the kids a chance to catch up on schoolwork, get back outdoors, socialize, and have some fun while reconnecting with teachers and classmates.

"I like that I get to practice with other people, instead of just doing it at home by myself," adds Rieves.

Along with athletics, Ralston is also offering reading math and science classes with a focus on STEM learning during the summer camps. You do not have to live in Ralston to participate.

"I think it was real difficult. As a parent, it was really hard on my own children and I also saw it first-hand from a lot of our other families. The communications piece, the technological piece, it was hard and we kind of turned a corner when we went back to full term," continues Behrens.

A well-rounded education is the goal, so along with good sportsmanship, the kids will also work on their social-emotional learning.

Space is still available for this week's classes. For more information, click here or call (402) 898-3455

Upcoming dates and times

Blumfield & Meadows Elementary: July 6, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Wildewood & Karen Western: July 7, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Seymour &Mockingbirld: July 8, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

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